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2012 NHL Lockout: NHL Set To Cancel All November Games Friday

The entire November schedule has been wiped out by the NHL, costing Dallas 15 dates including 8 at home.


It is expected that within the next couple of hours the NHL will make it official and cancel all November games from its schedule as the lockout now inflicts some truly substantive damage on what otherwise would have been called the 2012-2013 season.

The Dallas Stars were scheduled to play a very busy November...

Nov. 1 @ NY Rangers
Nov. 3 @ NY Islanders
Nov. 4 @ Washington
Nov. 6 @ St. Louis
Nov. 8 Phoenix
Nov. 10 Chicago
Nov. 13 @ Detroit
Nov. 15 San Jose
Nov. 17 Carolina
Nov. 20 Edmonton
Nov. 21 @ Nashville
Nov. 23 Washington
Nov. 25 Los Angeles
Nov. 27 @ Columbus
Nov. 29 Edmonton

Eight home games cancelled in an 11 game stretch. It should have been a golden time of the year for season ticket holders. Home dates on Thanksgiving weekend, a family tradition for many (including my own) axed. Jaromir Jagr won't make a start at MSG in a Stars uniform. The Stars will not visit their old friend Mike Ribiero in Washington on November 4th. You won't be able to escape election coverage by watching Dallas in St. Louis on the 6th.

On and on it goes.

The January All-Star game in Columbus is reportedly still safe, for now, but one would think that if a shortened season is eventually agreed upon that any kind of break for frivolity (no matter how Blue Jacket ownership sees it) would go by the wayside.

Andy Strickland says the league pulled its deal because the owners didn't like it much anyway.

That likely has less to do with the 50/50 splits and perhaps more to do with the contract issues, like the many ways to punish teams for already signed cap-circumventing deals. We'll never know, of course, because owners aren't free to express themselves.

And so the waiting game will go on, with few remaining pressure points and reasons to act. The Winter Classic will be a big topic of conversation, but it's cancellation could come as early as next week. The league already cancelled it's first NBC game on Thanksgiving weekend, taking away the theory that it would spurn the league to compromise.

With neither side showing any sign of blinking and 35 days until the next scheduled NHL contest, it seems we're in for at the very best, an extremely shortened season.

Both sides now have plenty of time to think about what they've done.