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2012 NHL Lockout: Daly Says Cancelled Preseason Cost League $100M In Revenue

The NHL quantified it's self-inflicted loss to date Tuesday, saying that the cancelled preseason cost the league approximately $100 million in revenues.

Bruce Bennett - Getty Images

Fans and media alike have speculated on the financial impact of losing the NHL season. Today, for the first time, the league quantified that in part as Bill Daly made it known that the loss of the preseason has cost approximately $100 million in revenues.

Collective bargaining talks broke off early this morning between the player association and the league, who were slated to discuss defining hockey related revenue.

Daly characterized the talks as "not overly encouraging," adding the quote above that has drawn the ire of the hockey community. The players have proposed rolling back their share of HRR as the years progress to help troubled franchises, though not enough for the league's liking. The owners have not yet offered to give back a single thing they had in the last CBA.

Don Fehr said that he and Bettman have conversed privately off and on and will continue to do so. He added that he hopes talks will resume later in the week, though it's unclear what the two sides will have to say to each other.

As the digging in continues on the core economic issues it seems there's less and less to talk about.

Media in New York Tuesday asked Bill Daly, perhaps thinking about the recent situation with the NFL and the officials union, if an impartial mediator could be used. Daly said "We certainly haven't ruled out that possibility."

With the owners appearing desirous of a rigidly inflexible, complete and total victory, an impartial mediator sure to suggest compromises would seem unlikely. There is always hope, however.

The cancellation of regular season games was supposed to be the real deadline in these talks, not the September 15th CBA expiration, but there appears to be no sense of urgency on either side, and no formal talks are scheduled moving forward.

A block of regular season games, possibly all of October's, are expected to be cancelled sometime in the next 24-48 hours.