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Dallas Stars Daily Links: Krys Barch Stands Behind His Twitter Comments

The former Stars enforcer says he wasn't looking for pity or sympathy in his weekend rant.

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Al Bello - Getty Images

There's been lots and lots and lots written about the Krys Barch comments on Twitter from last weekend.

Barch, a former Dallas Stars enforcer who now gives his services to the New Jersey Devils, took to Twitter on Saturday evening to express his candid, and admittedly alcohol-fueled, thoughts about the ongoing NHL lockout.

As one of the first candid comments from an NHLPA member, it drew a lot of attention. But Barch, despite receiving a lot of interview requests after the fact, only gave out a few to talk about what was going through his mind while posting and what he's thought of the aftermath.

"But I’ve had like 50 calls and tons of requests from media and all that. … I understand it," Barch. "You can’t make everybody happy. I wouldn’t have done it if I was looking at making everybody a fan of mine. But I think that’s what’s special about it to me. It’s what came from my heart."

Whatever you might think of the substance of Barch's comments, I do think it's admirable of him to go so public with his views. There's been so much double-speak and innuendo in the labor negotiations that it took a certain amount of chutzpah for Barch to put himself out there and not really care what people thought.

Also in today's links, the Texas Stars have started training camp and other local hockey awesomeness, including a great new goalie mask and an absurd shot total.

  • Without much Dallas Stars news because of the lockout, there's a lot more focus on the Texas Stars as they start training camp. Stephen's been out there and brings you his impressions. [Hundred Degree Hockey]
  • Also on tap, the Allen Americans, who are continuing the local tradition of freaking fantastic goalie masks with this effort for Chris Whitley. [InGoal Magazine]
  • You want even more local hockey, you say? Well the Dallas Ice Jets will at least give you a good laugh with this story of how they put up 103 shots against the Tulsa Jr. Oilers in a WSHL game recently. [Puck Daddy]
  • To the surprise of, well, no one, Jaromir Jagr and his HC Kladno teammates are tearing up the Czech Extraliga. [New York Times]
  • Jamie Benn - still in British Columbia. Sigh. Can't this lockout be over already? [Victoria Times Colonist]
  • The goalie coach who helped wrangle Ed Belfour on route to the 1999 Stanley Cup title, Rick St. Croix, has found a new home with the Toronto Maple Leafs. [Toronto Star]
  • Dallas-native Seth Jones has had a strong showing so far at the All-American Prospects Game in Buffalo, N.Y. []
  • Reason No. 1,459,236 why Facebook can be dangerous - if you're a vice president of the Detroit Red Wings, it can put you in the touch with the interviewer who gets you to say very, very candid things about the lockout and costs your team a quarter-million dollars. [Sporting News]
  • Any story that starts off with "All the way back in mid-August, when the days were still hot and the lockout no more than a gleam in Jeremy Jacobs’ presumably cold, dead eyes," and is about the subjectivity of refereeing gets an automatic entry to any links post compiled by yours truly. Bonus points when it's by my favorite hockey essayist. [Backhand Shelf]
  • And to close the links portion with probably a slightly controversial, here's Ryan Lambert from Puck Daddy on how the continued deification of the Summit Series can get slightly tiresome, especially in the context of other overblown Canadian hockey traditions. I enjoy a good hockey history lesson as much as anybody (see: love of above essayist), but there's a difference in appreciating the historical context of a series and declaring it The Most Important Thing In The History Of Hockey with no room for discussion. [Puck Daddy]
  • The Texas Stars are continuing one of my favorite video series with the mic'ed up practices. Their first one features Luke Gazdic as he talks us through the early practices at Texas Stars training camp.