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Dallas Stars Schedule Through November 1st Cancelled By NHL

The NHL announced cancellation of its regular season schedule extending to November 1st this afternoon.

Brandon Wade

Remember when we talked about breaking Dallas Stars news in this community?

The National Hockey League announced this afternoon the official cancellation of all scheduled games through November 1st. The date coincides with Gary Bettman's expressed hope that progress in CBA talks can be made in the next six to seven days - And then an 82 game season could potentially start November 2nd after a brief camp.

The lack of progress yesterday makes a full 82 games extremely unlikely in any case, but it's perhaps not the worst sign in the world that the league didn't cancel a bigger block of games to match their supposed disappointment at the NHLPA's "step backward" yesterday.

Here the league continues their newest bit of shortest press releases ever...

The National Hockey League announced today the cancellation of the 2012-13 regular-season schedule through November 1. A total of 135 regular-season games were scheduled for Oct. 11 through Nov. 1.

The cancellation was necessary because of the absence of a Collective Bargaining Agreement between the NHL Players' Association and the NHL.

These games would have been cancelled whether progress was made yesterday or not. So it's largely just housekeeping.

This makes 10 games cancelled for the Dallas Stars...

Oct. 13 @ Phoenix
Oct 14. @ Anaheim
Oct. 16 Phoenix
Oct. 18 Minnesota
Oct. 20 @ Boston
Oct. 23 @ Ottawa
Oct. 25 Vancouver
Oct. 27 St. Louis
Oct. 30 @ Philadelphia
Nov. 1 @ NY Rangers