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2012 NHL Lockout: NHL, NHLPA To Meet on Definition of HRR Tuesday in New York

Representative of the league and it's players will meet in New York on Tuesday, Oct. 2nd to resume discussions on the definition of hockey related revenue.

Bruce Bennett - Getty Images

On September 12th, just three days prior to the expiration of the now defunct former CBA, the league made an offer that for the first time dropped their desired redefinition of hockey related revenue, but warned it would be "off the table" once a lockout began.

Now the two are reportedly discussing what exactly the current definition entails ahead of, presumably, discussing what each side thinks should be included moving forward. They will meet once again in New York on Tuesday to resume the topic, already broached during Saturday's proceedings.

Depending on your philosophical bend it's either progress, because the parties have to know what it is they're splitting before they can split it, or it's another sideshow that doesn't make any progress on the core issues.

Another such potential sideshow is pensions, which will be discussed tonight in a conference call between the league and the players association. It's an important issue to the players to be sure, but one that could easily be resolved after an agreement on the core issues is made.

That they continue to communicate is at least slightly encouraging, but the fact remains that neither side has made a formal proposal or counter-proposal since early September before the lockout began. The league says it is waiting on the players to improve their offer.

Meanwhile, regular reason games are expected to be cancelled any time now.

Elliotte Friedman with CBC tweeted earlier today that he's heard regular season games will likely be cancelled in two week "blocks" as we move through the schedule.

It's October 1st. The weather is changing here in Dallas. The Texas Stars are at training camp in Austin. The lights came on at the American Airlines Center this weekend - For the Mavericks, not for the Stars.

It's felt real all this time, but now it's just getting more and more painful. On a week where we should be so close that we can hardly stand it we're instead getting further and further away.