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SB Nation United Feedback: What Are Your Thoughts So Far?

It's one week after the launch of SB Nation United and we ask for your feedback and thoughts so far.

Stephen Dunn - Getty Images

SB Nation United is now just under a week old and we've all had some time to get used to the new layout. I know that for us writers and editors there have been a lot of new toys to get used to and we're still attempting to find the right balance in how we use the new layout to feature our content.

I know that for some, the switch was frustrating. Many others love the new layout and the improved load times. Personally, I find the new layout much more professional and it allows us to publish more content than ever before since the fear of "burying" content no longer exists.

There were some hiccups with the launch, and many of you felt very strongly about some of the changes. In the past week, the incredible team at SB Nation have released updates that have addressed a number of concerns -- both bugs and design issues that the readers took issue with. SB Nation readers provide some great and constructive feedback and the team is focused on listening to what everyone has to say and finding the best way to make as many people happy.

A list of what has already been addressed (but not all):

- We tweaked the brightness/contrast on the green for rec'd comments and the yellow on new comments so that they would be easier to distinguish.
- We adjusted the size of the fonts and the line spacing
- We adjusted the padding on the comments
- We continue to work with IE8 to improve the experience there
- Moving the comments section closer to the actual article.
- Improvements to UI, specifically access to social media and comments.

Many, many other bugs and fixes.

As far as what is currently being focused on and continues to be tweaked, the SBN team is currently putting most of the efforts into improving the mobile experience. The team has cut down the size of the pages by more than a half, and they are still exploring ways in which to improve load times.


The team understands that the mobile experience (both on phone and tablet) is not anywhere near what it should be right now and are working tirelessly to improve that experience. What we ask, if you continue to experience problems on mobile -- provide as many screenshots and as much information possible and send that bug report to

In fact, we still ask for as much constructive feedback as you can give. Send bug reports and suggestions to Support and they WILL listen; many of the fixes already released came from the reports send in by our readers.

It's only a week into United and already I love it, as least from the backend. We are in the dog days of the life of a blog right now, but once the season begins again I am incredibly excited about the idea of fully unleashing the power of United and Defending Big D together.