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Dallas Stars Afternoon Discussion: What Are Your Expectations?

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It feels as if it's been longer than just a week but the Dallas Stars finally return to the ice tomorrow night in Anaheim. They'll be doing so with a full roster of 23, as healthy as they've been since the start of the season and even have eight healthy defensemen on the current roster.

The Stars also sit in 10th place in the conference, likely to change after tonight's games. With just 34 games remaining this season, the Stars have limited amount of time in order to turn things around after a disappointing January. While 10th place sounds bad, the Stars are just three points out of 8th and eight points behind division-leading San Jose.

So, what are your expectations for the rest of the season? Do you expect the Stars to figure it out and make a legitimate push for the playoffs? Or do they succumb to the expectations of so many at the beginning of the season?

We've laid out our thoughts, how the Stars have some serious adjustments to make to have an actual chance at making the postseason. There's even the thought that while making the playoffs this season is important, throwing out the chance at improving for the future just to make the playoffs this year is not exactly the best idea.

So...what's your take?