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2012 NHL All-Star Game Thread

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Stylish? Steve Ott thinks so.
Stylish? Steve Ott thinks so.

The frivolity of the All-Star break is nearly over. We've taken the opportunity to slow down a little here at Defending Big D this weekend and draw breath for the home stretch of February and March. 16 games in 29 days will tax even bloggers, believe it or not. Hard work and analysis resumes tomorrow for all the hockey world, and the Stars next take the ice Wednesday night in Anaheim.

Benn will skate today, reportedly, on a line with Patrick Kane and Jordan Eberle for Team Chara this afternoon. Find the game at 3:00pm CST on NBC Sports Network. Not NBC proper. No. They're showing Figure Skating Championships at the conclusion of Bull Riding. Seriously.

Steve Ott had a laugh at Benn's expense this afternoon regarding a photoshoot, for those of you who are twitterless...

@otter2nine: @jamiebenn14" -hahahahaha #zoolander #ridiculouslygoodlooking

Jamie merely shrugged it off...

@jamiebenn14: @otter2nine you know you love it 29

Ott responded in kind...

@otter2nine: @jamiebenn14 I do, your the sexiest most eligible bachelor in Dallas, now go be the MVP of that shit. #underratedmyass


Talk about it here. Serious hockey business resumes tomorrow when the Stars hit the ice for practice in Frisco at 2pm.