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Gameday Thread: 2012 NHL All-Star Game Fantasy Draft

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What: 2012 NHL All-Star Game Fantasy Draft

When: January 26, 2012

Time: 7:00 p.m.

TV: NBC Sports Network

Will Jamie Benn go last? That seems to be the big debate, as Benn makes his All-Star Game debut for what we are sure will be many, many more appearances. There will be another "Fantasy Draft' tonight, as the captains choose the teams they want and there seems to be a high probability that Benn, quiet and unassuming, will go last -- and get the big prize for being the "winner".

It was fun to see last year and it was a great chance to see the players unleash their personalities; hopefully it's just as fun this year and we get to see Benn's personality come through a bit more.

Here's the first "video blog" by Benn, just put up by the Dallas Stars.