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Dallas Stars Daily Links: Gulutzan Rips Into Stars After Loss To Tampa

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Dallas Stars coach Glen Gulutzan was not a happy man after Friday's 2-1 loss to the Tampa Bay Lightning.

No, he was not a happy man at all.

The rookie head coach has presented a generally unruffled face to the public, even after some less-than-stellar efforts against teams like the Colorado Avalanche and Columbus Blue Jackets. The only rant I can remember from him came after the second game of the season, when he said the Stars effort was not good enough in a 5-2 loss at the Chicago Blackhawks.

His words had a similar tone Friday as he expressed frustration with his team's inability to bring a solid effort for the first 30 minutes, especially coming off of hard-fought losses to the Detroit Red Wings and St. Louis Blues.

"The only reason you prepare against Detroit, Boston, St. Louis is because you've got a little fear in your belly that you might get embarrassed,'' Gulutzan said. ``So you work and do the little things. It's a sign of weakness if you can't bring that little fear and that adrenaline in your game every night. You just think you're too good."

He added.

"The most frustrating part was really the first 30 minutes of getting outworked. I've got no problem if you go in a shootout or you play hard and you just don't get results. But when you only play 30 minutes, some team comes into your building on a Friday night and outplays you for 30 minutes; I have a real big problem with that."

I don't think he's alone in that.

After the jump, more on the loss to the Lightning and today's game against the Minnesota Wild, an update about when we might see Jamie Benn again and when glass attacks the referees.

  • Also focusing on the deservedly cranky head coach is Mark Stepneski. I mean, when the first 30 minutes is as putrid as the Stars put out there and the coach goes off on it after the game, it's a pretty inescapable storyline. [ESPN Dallas]
  • At one point in the season, the Stars were one of the best teams in one-goal games. That seems to have taken a turn for the loss column recently, which Mike Heika explores in this paywalled gamer. []
  • Teddy Purcell and his first two-goal game of the season were the story for the Lightning. Oh, to have someone score two goals in a single game... [Tampa Bay Times]
  • While not on the ice with the rest of his teammates yet, Jamie Benn was at the Stars morning skate riding the stationary bike and talking with the media. []
  • NHL trade alert! The Carolina Hurricanes send defenseman Alexei Ponikarovsky to the New Jersey Devils for minor-league defenseman Joe Sova and a draft pick. Winner? Loser? Does anyone actually care? [News & Observer]
  • Players, teams and alumni have done some pretty solid things to help support Jack Jablonski, the Minnesota teenager who was paralyzed in a high-school game at the end of December. While there has been some media attention paid to Jenna Privette, the player who has no feeling in her legs after going into the boards a few weeks later, there hasn't quite been the same public response. Why is that? Well, it's complicated. [United States of Hockey]
  • As feeble as the Stars offense has been recently, at least there's no Scott Gomez, who is about to mark a year since he last scored. What are Montreal Canadiens fans doing about that? Why, planning a party, of course! [Puck Daddy]
  • Meet the enemy, part the first: The second sentence in this game advance for the Minnesota Wild begins "With three top players injured and scoring virtually nonexistent..." Sounds like we're in for a barn-burner tonight. [St. Paul Pioneer Press]
  • Meet the enemy, part the second: Our friends over at Hockey Wilderness appear to have reached the sarcasm breaking point. I can't imagine what would have driven them to that. [Hockey Wilderness]
  • Around the Pacific Division: Now that they've reacquainted themselves with the win column, the Anaheim Ducks have gone from threatening to fire everyone to extending defenseman Francois Beauchemin, signing him for another three years. [OC Register]
  • Oh Kevin Pollock, your luck on Friday was not the best during this laugh-worthy incident from the Pittsburgh Penguins-Montreal Canadiens game. [Puck Daddy]
  • I'm not sure if I'm linking this because I'm interested in the content or because it has that fabulous picture of Zdeno Chara in a bunny suit. [Backhand Shelf]
  • Since they were flying to Minnesota, the Stars didn't have the post-game video interview posted or I would have let you witness the wrath of Gulutzan. Instead, filmed before the game, Jamie Benn talks about his evil appendix and what he thinks about possibly participating in the all-star game next weekend.