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Dallas Stars Ups & Downs: Week 15

It's been quite the rough week for the Dallas Stars. They already were without Mike Ribeiro, their second line center. Then an appendix decided it was time to get pesky, and Jamie Benn had to have an appendectomy. This puts the Stars' top two centers out of commission most likely until right around the All-Star break. The Stars were going to have to play gritty and hard to get points without these two dynamic players in the lineup, and they did so - even if they weren't rewarded for their efforts they way they should have been. This week's ups & downs after the jump. Agree or disagree on any? Let's talk about it in the comments.


1gp, .938 SV%, Shootout Loss

Comments: Playing against the Detroit Red Wings on the second night of a back-to-back with a tired team in front of you? No pressure, kid. Had an amazing save against Pavel Datsuyk in the shootout, and if it hadn't been for a puck getting deflected off of Alex Goligoski for a goal against, probably would have had the win.

Jamie BENN
2gp, 0-0-0, Even

Comments: Did not have any points before getting that pesky useless appendix taken out, but was still a huge force on the ice defensively. Is expected to be back after the All-Star break, although word came out last night after the game that he hasn't been ruled out for next Tuesday's tilt versus the Anaheim Ducks or the All-Star game. Seems he'll be on the shorter side of the recovery window, which is excellent news.

4 gp, 0-1-1, Even

Comments: Burish has been creating chances, and with Benn and Ribeiro out, has been doing pretty well on the faceoff dot as well. Was an outstanding 62.5% on the dot against the Red Wings last night and had 4 shots on goal.

Trevor DALEY
4gp, 0-0-0, Even

Comments: Seeing increasingly harder minutes, Daley has also been pinching in the offensive zone and has even been spotted crashing the front of the net at times. Hasn't recorded any points, but is creating space for others to get shots through. Also one of the most consistent defensemen for the Stars this week.

4gp, 0-0-0, +1

Comments: With injuries, has been consistently centering the fourth line this past week. Was an astounding 70% on the faceoff dot against the Red Wings and won some pretty big faceoffs. Had a fight against the St. Louis Blues to energize his team a bit.

4gp, 0-2-2, +1

Comments: The third line is back to their usual selves, having a very good week defensively as well as pitching in on some offense. With the injuries, this line has been broken apart and split across two different lines and are still doing well.

4gp, 3-0-3, +3

Comments: Scored two goals against the Los Angeles Kings to go along with the shootout goal game winner. Has been coming up with big plays and is showing why he deserved to be named to the All-Star game.

4gp, 1-0-1, +1

Comments: Doing well defensively and back to solid penalty killing for Fiddler. Was an abysmal 18.8% in the faceoff circle versus the St. Louis Blues, but has been solid otherwise.

4gp, 0-0-0, Even

Comments: Wonder when Fistric will get his first point of the season. He's been doing really well defensively, with monster blocked shots and hip checks at opportune times within games.

4gp, 1-2-3, +1

Comments: Creating scoring from the blueline, which will become more important without Ribeiro and Benn there to create scoring. Would undoubtedly like that deflected goal that got past Bachman back.

4gp, 0-0-0, -1

Comments: Has recorded no shots on goal, and not surprisingly has zero points this pst week. Still blocking shots as per usual, but has also had some issues clearing out of the defensive zone as well as with turnovers in the defensive zone. Needs to improve on both of those things.


Comments: Still on IR, but is on target to return for the Stars around Friday versus Tampa Bay. At that time, barring anything happening between now and then, the Stars will have eight healthy defensemen, so will be interesting to see if any roster moves are made at that time.

3gp, 1-2-0, .928 SV%, 7 GA

Comments: The Los Angeles game was a little rough, with Lehtonen seemingly fighting the puck a bit more than Stars fans are used to seeing. Was spectacular in the shootout for the win. Played spectacularly against St. Louis, allowing only one goal, but did not have the offense in front of him to get the win he deserved.

Brenden MORROW
4 gp, 1-2-3, Even

Comments: While his point total looks good over the past week, he had a game in that span where he was almost invisible. Got to the front of the net against the Red Wings and helped score a powerplay goal for the Stars in doing so with a nice deflection off his calf muscle. Would prefer to see more of that type of play from the captain in order to create space and scoring chances.

4gp, 1-1-2, +2

Comments: Nystrom has already surpassed his career in goals, scoring goal number 13 this week and is only three points away from matching his career high in points.

Steve OTT
4gp, 0-0-0, -2

Comments: Continues to do well on the faceoff dot, and won some very important draws in the last minutes of the third and overtime versus the Detroit Red Wings.


Comments: With Souray returning from injury, Pardy is now the 7th defensemen on the depth chart. With the teaming needing to play a tight defensive game in order to try to win games with Ribeiro and Benn out of the lineup, Pardy has not been in the lineup in the past week.

4gp, 0-0-0, Even

Comments: Has seen limited time on ice in his four games played this week. Had one amazing save to keep a puck out of the back of the goal, but was otherwise unnoticeable on the ice. On the fourth line, that's probably not a bad thing.


Comments: His shootout skills and playmaking ability sure are sorely missed with him out of the lineup.

Stephane ROBIDAS
4gp, 0-1-1, Even

Comments: Made some good saves and blocked shots. Solid defensive play from the wiley vet.

Michael RYDER
4gp, 0-2-2, Even

Comments: Ryder is definitely missing a playmaker at center, but has had some golden scoring chances that he just hasn't been able to convert on.

Sheldon SOURAY
4gp, 0-1-1, Even

Comments: After taking three separate minor penalties in the game against Los Angeles, was very disciplined and did not take any penalties for the rest of the week. Solid defensively and has been contributing with several shots on goal per game.

1gp, 0-0-0, Even

Comments: Played well in his first game back, and had a few good plays to create space on the ice.

4gp, 0-1-1, -2

Comments: Was not too strong on the faceoff dot over the past week, and struggled to find offense for he and his linemates. With this golden opportunity to step up, Stars fans are still waiting to see him take advantage and use his speed to help the team score some goals while they're without Benn and Ribeiro.