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2012 NHL Trade Deadline: What Path Should Dallas Stars Take?

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With Joe Nieuwendyk proving that he's willing to pull the trigger on any big trade well ahead of the deadline, we're going to kick off our trade deadline coverage a bit earlier than most outlets out there.

The first step is to gauge where the fans and the readers here at DBD stand and how they feel this team should approach the trade deadline. With a new owner in place, the exciting part of this time of the season is that it feels as if the Stars finally have the ability to actually add to the team, rather than just make a lateral move when it comes to salary.

The James Neal trade from last year was a monster trade for the future of this franchise, but it wasn't the blockbuster deal that many fans feel the Stars should be looking at. With the Stars fighting for the postseason, it's apparent -- judging by the discussions around the community lately -- that fans are convinced that this team needs something to help push them over the hump they've been fighting for most of the season.

The question becomes two-fold; who is available that's worth the trade and who should the Stars be willing to part with. We generally undervalue trade proposals compared to what would actually be needed, so keep that in mind when attempting to determine what the Stars should do.

It's also important to remember that the Stars will not -- and should not -- make a trade just because of the Jamie Benn and Mike Ribeiro situation. That is only short term; we're talking big picture here.

We'll have our own detailed thoughts on what we feel is the right path for the Stars, but let's hear from the DBD faithful first -- what should the plan for the Dallas Stars be heading into the 2012 NHL Trade Deadline?

Poll after the jump.

If you have a specific player you'd like to see added to the roster, let us know in the comments!