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Dallas Stars Daily Links: Benn Not Ruled Out Of All-Star Game Just Yet

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The Dallas Stars are definitely in the middle of a "take good news where you can get it" stretch after learning that Jamie Benn will be out at least 10 days recovering from an appendectomy.

So the news that the Stars have not ruled Benn out of the All-Star game, at least not yet, can be taken as a ray of hope.

Mike Modano, who had his appendix taken out in March of 2010, missed 18 days, including the day of his surgery, and he talked with Mike Heika about what the recovery process would be like.

``It was probably a two inch slit, and you could definitely feel that, so you had to get that back and just be able to move and skate and not worry about it,'' (Modano) said. ``But, it healed pretty quickly and I felt good after that.''

Benn has been selected to play in the NHL All-Star Game, which will be held Jan. 29 in Ottawa. That's 14 days, so it's feasible he could return.

``It's a tough call there,'' Modano said. ``It's your first one, it's in Canada, so you have to think he would want to be there. But you have to do what's best and what feels right.''

Steve Ott also had his appendix removed in 2010, though he was out closer to three and a half weeks after dealing with a post-operative infection. Some players in various sports have returned in as few as 7-10 days, but I think a minimum of two weeks is reasonable.

After the jump, more on today's game against the Blues, headshots past and present and Russian rap with Alexander Ovechkin.

  • In finally some positive news on the injury front, Tomas Vincour and Philip Larsen are finally practicing with the team. And they also finally admitted that Larsen suffered a concussion and not just the nebulous concussion-like symptoms. [ESPN Dallas]
  • Gerry Fraley's paywalled advance takes on the obvious question of the day - how the heck will this team at least tread water without its two top centers? []
  • Jordie Benn took to Twitter with a few cute little comments about his brother's plight. Also, his background is quite cool. [Twitter/Twitter]
  • The Stars aren't the only Western Conference team dealing with some nasty injury problems. We learned Sunday that Mikko Koivu will be out a month or more with a bum shoulder, and all the Minnesota Wild fans wept. [Minneapolis Star-Tribune]
  • In the latest installment of the league's war against headshots, Columbus Blue Jackets scrub Dane Byers has a phone hearing today for this hit to the head of Andrew Desjardins. [Backhand Shelf]
  • We all know pro hockey players in Europe tend to like metal, thanks to Jere Lehtinen and his death metal fetish. But apparently German punk rock bands like hockey, and one is even going the extra mile to make sure its local team sticks around. [Puck Daddy]
  • Meet the enemy, part the first: David Perron missed approximately forever with a concussion from a Joe Thornton blindside headshot last season, but he's really settling into new coach Ken Hitchcock's system. [St. Louis Post-Dispatch]
  • Meet the enemy, part the second: And speaking of my favorite Captain Kangaroo lookalike, he's done one heck of a job turning the Blues around after an inconsistent start got former coach Davis Payne canned. [Winnipeg Free Press]
  • Around the Pacific Division, the winner: Who is the team that beat the Vancouver Canucks 4-2 on Sunday, and what have they done with the real Anaheim Ducks? [The Province]
  • Around the Pacific Division, the losers: I don't know what happened to the hockey world Sunday, but as the Ducks keep winning, the San Jose Sharks finally lost, falling behind early in a 4-3 loss to the Chicago Blackhawks. Also, the Los Angeles Kings dropped back into their old offensive habits with a 2-1 overtime loss to the Edmonton Oilers. [San Jose Mercury News/Los Angeles Times]
  • Oh Jack Edwards. This is why I think you're an unprofessional clown, even if it is a few days old. [ProHockeyTalk]
  • With all the bad news going around Sunday, I figured most fans need something to make them smile this morning. So check out this Russian rap video, and yes, it is hockey related. Alex Ovechkin has a verse that begins around 3 minutes in. And even if that wasn't there, the production values on this and random English words thrown in would make it good for a watch. Some translations are here at Russian Machine Never Breaks.