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Happy New Year From Defending Big D

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2011 has been and gone. Just like the Boston Bruins last night. While we continue to digest what everyone hopes is a big step forward and a toner setter for the Dallas Stars entering the new year, we bid you yet another fond holiday wish. That's pretty much another way of saying that we're taking today off and watching football. So too should you.

It's hard to believe that Defending Big D enters just it's fourth calendar year now. 2011 was a gargantuan step forward for this community. We've added some great writers, seen record traffic, grown our relationship with the team and the media, and survived a tortuous ownership saga now thankfully solved for what we hope is a very long time. A bright future awaits this franchise and 2012 will be a big year that starts defining the Tom Gaglardi era.

We look forward to sharing it with you because, as it always has been, the most important things written on this site are not up here at the top - They're in the comments.

Metabolize your alcohol and we'll get back to work tomorrow. The Red Wings are coming for a visit, and we've got a special podcast with a Dallas Stars defenseman to share on Monday or Tuesday. Happy New Year.