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Don't Forget: Dallas Stars Ice Breaker, Traverse City Tournament On NHL Network This Weekend

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A couple of important notes for Dallas Stars fans today, as we all hope to move on get back to some hockey. Training camp is just around the corner and the season isn't too far hope is that focusing on the game will help me cope with this recent tragedy.

  • The Dallas Stars Ice Breaker is this weekend, held at the Galleria in Dallas. The event is Saturday, September 11, and runs from 11am to 1pm. All the players will be available for pictures and autographs and you'll even get the chance to skate with the Ice Girls as well, something I know many of you have been dreaming about. This is a great way to get up close to the players and they always have a fun time with it. Please head out if you can and support the team!
  • The Traverse City Tournament is this weekend and the NHL Network will be airing the Rangers vs. Stars at 5pm CDT. The game will also be replayed at 8pm, for those that might have missed it. We're going to be having our first game thread of the season for this game, which is a great way to get back into hockey mode while watching some of the top prospects in the system take the ice.
  • Finally, individual game tickets go on sale tomorrow at 10am. You can get tickets at or by calling 214-GO-STARS (214-467-8277)