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Dallas Stars' Brad Lukowich Reaches Out to Victims of Texas Wildfires

While many North Texans were enjoying the cold front that brought relief from the brutal 100 degree days, that same cold front was wrecking havoc in central Texas. The wind brought in by the front is making the wildfires in central Texas more difficult for the firemen to fight the 25,000 acre fire threatening hundreds of homes in the areas near Austin.

Many neighborhoods have been requested to evacuate their homes. To pack up what is most essential and leave behind the rest. In the face of such dire circumstances, the best of people often rises to the top. Strangers helping strangers out of the goodness of their own hearts. One such neighbor helping out their fellow man is Dallas Stars' own Brad Lukowich.

On Sunday, a series of tweets from Lukowich (@Luko37) offered up a ray of hope and a helping hand for those suffering from the wildfire destruction in the Austin area:

The Lukowich family then got word that their neighborhood may be the next target of the wildfires.

So, after getting his family squared away, the Lukowich family again turned to helping others out.

I can't get back to everyone, getting Gatorade for the firemen, if u wanna help go to 511discovery

Mr. Lukowich, you and your family are a class act. The Dallas Stars and Texas Stars families are sending thoughts and prayers to you, your family, the firemen and emergency personnel, as well as all of those suffering from the destruction and upheaval in the wake of the wildfires.
To support Central Texas during these wildfires, check with the American Red Cross of Central Texas for updates on the containment of the wildfires and ways you can help if you are so inclined.