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Video: New Dallas Stars Goal Song 2011

Through three preseason games the Dallas Stars have solid story lines to talk about in young players like Matt Fraser and Brenden Dillon, strong goaltending performances, a new coach with a new system and a 3-0 record to go with it, but the thing that has generated the largest discussion on this site, Facebook and Twitter so far has been, for some reason....

A new goal song.

I took a sampling here at the game against the Blues and here it is for your viewing pleasure. The sound is a little rough and I do apologize...

The goal horn has a diminished role, which might be my biggest complaint. In is a siren, a "Let's Go Stars!" drop over the audio, and "The Whip" from a band named "Locksley," they tell me.

After two games in three days and eight goals to celebrate, I don't hate it. I understand the need for change. I understand that the preseason is the best time to experiment with that change. I also understand that they seem pretty set on this and that there's nothing we can do about it. So we move on. This season, coupled with the change in ownership represents a possible beginning of a new era in Dallas, after all. It might, might be time to leave Gary Glitter in the past.

If we could get the Pantera Dallas Stars song back it would make me feel a little better, however.