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Dallas Stars Daily Links: First Day Of Camp Focuses On Defense, Details

The best part about the start of training camp is that it marks the start of a lightning-quick charge toward the regular season.

Take today, for instance. One day after the official start of practice, the Stars will take part in their first intersquad scrimmage, which will take place at approximately 4 p.m. Central time.

It's nice to have things like that in the immediate future, isn't it?

As for that first day of practice, new head coach Glen Gulutzan set a quick tempo for both groups as he put them through their paces on Prince Edward Island.

The focus was on defensive positioning and "details," which included intensive video study, according to Mark Stepneski of ESPN Dallas.

"Our goal is to get our spine together. We talked about it, even a long time ago in the press conference, about getting the backbone of our game together, the non-negotiable items," Gulutzan said." That’s going to be the first three days of practice here, all those non-negotiable items -- our D zone, our tracking and our forecheck. That’s going to form the foundation for us. That’s our goal going in Montreal is to have that foundation in place."

Mark also has a pair of other updates from the first day of camp, including a short video of Group A's practice and a notes package that covers the team's tribute to Karlis Skrastins and some season-ticket holders making the trek north.

After the jump, Brenden Morrow shows more personality in an interview than he has in recent memory, Ralph Strangis talks about why it's good to get away for a bit and Teppo Numminen joins the NHL's coaching ranks.


  • Brenden Morrow does many things well, but deliver a compelling interview is not really one of them. Like many captains in the NHL, he is usually rather bland. And while most of this interview with Razor is more of the same, Razor surprised him with a tongue-twister at the end that brought out a side of Morrow rarely seen in public on
  • Razor's partner in broadcast crime, Ralph Strangis, is also warming up for the season with He's doing a regular blog throughout training camp, and in this one, he talks about why getting out of town can be very beneficial for team building. []
  • The Guardian also gives us a quick look at how things went on the first day. Nothing really notable other than an out-of-town perspective on the team. [The Guardian]
  • Another look, this one behind a paywall, at the increased role Jamie Benn will have to play this season as Dallas' No. 2 center. []
  • Also from DallasNews,com, this cute little blurb about the roommate politics between a veteran and youngster when sharing a hotel room at camp. []
  • Former Dallas Stars defensement Teppo Numminen has been added to the Buffalo Sabres coaching staff. He will work with the defensemen and watch games from the press box to pass tips down to Lindy Ruff. [Die By The Blade]
  • Full disclosure: I am a hockey card nerd and have quite an extensive (read: have spent way too much money on) collection of Morrow cards. And while I don't have the bankroll to buy these super-high-end, $350-per-pack cards, I would give my right arm to pull a redemption for an authentic 1978-79 mini Stanley Cup that once belonged to a Montreal Canadiens player. [Puck Daddy]