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Dallas Stars Sale: Bankruptcy Filing Likely Pushed Back To Next Week

Stop me if you've heard this one before but, there has been a slight delay.

The Dallas Stars were expected to file for bankruptcy in Delaware today as part of a pre-packaged arrangement that will facilitate an auction for the team and a smooth transfer of power to new ownership in the coming months, but as so often happens there have been further delays and the lawyers are not quite ready to proceed.

Mark Stepneski at ESPN Dallas is reporting today that the filing will happen early next week now and that the paperwork needed some more "fine tuning" before being submitted.

Ralph Strangis was on with BaD Radio (1310 The Ticket) today and mentioned Stars officials and/or those pertinent to the sale were in the state of Delaware preparing, but that for those with the team concerned more with on ice activities the situation is a "wake me when it's over" kind of thing. He also reiterated that from the date of the bankruptcy filing, the sale is expected to take no more than 60 days.

To reiterate Brandon's point yesterday, the bankruptcy case has been planned for months and months and is a necessary step to protect the new owner and ensure a clean transaction. Bankruptcy does not affect the day to day operations of the club, which is operating normally.

The team will fly to Prince Edward Island tomorrow and remain there through the weekend before stopping off in Montreal for the club's first preseason game. It's possible we could now have the bankruptcy filing paperwork to review as well as our first preseason action on the same day. At any rate, it should be a busy week.