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Stargazing: Chuck Greenberg Still In on Dallas Stars Sale

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The sale of the Dallas Stars should see a measurable uptick in activity after this coming holiday weekend.  With the summer officially over and the season (and the first round of payroll checks) looming, it's believed the sale will finally enter bankruptcy court very soon, possibly as early as next week or the week after.

Incidentally, have you guys ever read that story about the boy who cried wolf? No reason... Just wondering. Anyway, Tom Gaglardi's bid will set the bar and would be the quickest path to some closure here, but Chuck Greenberg made it clear recently that he's not going anywhere.

D Magazine caught up with Chuck at a W Hotel party near the AAC last weekend and reports that the former Texas Rangers' CEO has been working on a bid for 6-8 weeks:

Leaning casually against one wall, Greenberg confirmed press reports that he'll be a contender for the Stars, saying he's worked hard on his bid for the last six or eight weeks or so. He said he will not be partnering on the deal with Mark Cuban, as some early reports had it, and that he sees his toughest competition coming from the "stalking horse" bid of Vancouver businessman Tom Gaglardi. [D Magazine]

It's good to know he was leaning casually, and against only 'one wall', not two.

Things should get moving fairly quickly both off the ice (cross your fingers) and on next week as more and more players return to Frisco to prepare for the coming training camp in PEI.


  • Sheldon Souray told ESPN Dallas "I just hope to come in here and complement them, whether it's playing big and using my size and my experience. If I get a chance to play some special teams, chip in there..." He skated with 11 others in Frisco yesterday and Mark has some video up that includes Mike Ribeiro playing goal. [ESPN Dallas]
  • Here's a nice report of Michael Ryder's day with the Stanley Cup that doesn't focus solely on his little mishap. []
  • According to "Pegasus News," among personal residences, Tom Hicks'  uses the most water in the metropelx. I don't know if that's news exactly, but I thought you might get a kick out of it anyway. [Pegasus News]
  • Dallas says Scott Glennie has had to endure some pretty difficult times and injuries, but is still on track to becoming an NHLer some day. [Dallas]
  • The Allen Americans signed defensemen Tyler Ludwig, son of former Dallas Stars defenseman and current broadcaster Craig. [Big D Hockey]
  • You can buy Sean Avery's house in the Los Angeles area for a scant $859,000 if you have a little walking around money. [Puck Daddy]
  • As you've no doubt heard by now, Wade Belak, formerly of the Nashville Predators and Toronto Maple Leafs among others, was found dead in a Toronto hotel room Wednesday. [The Tennessean]
  • Belak's death marks the third this summer of an NHL player and the fourth in the last fifteen months. All of them share the "tough guy" and enforcer monikers and there is growing concern that, while different in nature, the deaths could be connected. [Montreal Gazette]
  • CTE, Chronic traumatic encephalopathy, is a condition you'll hear about repeatedly as discussion of this trend dominates the coming months or even years. CTE is a degenerative disease common in football and hockey players subjected to repeated head trauma, and possibly causes depression, confusion and memory loss in those suffering from it. It might be relative in these recent deaths. It might not. How we view players like Krys Barch and Eric Godard could change rapidly in the near future with the continuation and further investigation of this alarming series of events.