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Mike Modano Will Make Decision on Retirement in September

The news about most things Dallas Stars related these days is that "there still isn't any news." When we looked at what we might blog about during the long, tortuous month of August there seemed to be a couple of ready made topics with news about to break: Mike Modano and the ownership situation.

Here we are on August 27th and we've heard bubkis on both accounts.

Richard Durrett, as you've no doubt see by now, decided to ask some questions over at ESPN Dallas and printed this about Mike and his on going decision...

"It's tough to think about letting go because it's been a part of your life since you were a kid," Modano said Friday. "You have to see how you feel and how much you want to do it. I'm still on the fence."

30 days ago he was pretty frank on the radio with Bob and Dan about this being the end of his road, and there have been exactly zero reports of teams interested in bringing him aboard. Is he waiting for training camp injuries to spur phone calls? For the hockey news cycle to get back in full swing first? Is the ownership situation a factor? We probably won't ever know.

He seems to have had more to say about NOT playing than playing, though...

"I've filled in a few times doing some analysis and enjoyed it," Modano said. "Talking about the game is easy, but it's a matter of getting the TV time under your belt where you feel comfortable with your delivery."

Modano said he'd also be interested in working for the Stars organization once it has a new owner in place. Modano believes he could help with the club's marketing.

"We need to get the fan base back up and excited again," Modano said. "I'd be interested in working for them and doing that."

With Marty Turco throwing his hat into that ring as well and Marc Crawford already back, could there be multiple ex-Stars on various cable channels? It's tempting to think of him on the local broadcasts but Craig Ludwig does such a phenomenal job we'd almost hate to see any changes there. What about a Modano - Gina Miller duo on TXA-21? Sorry Sevy? (In all seriousness, is there a nicer guy than Brent Severyn? You'll have to take my word that there isn't. Love him.)

The national media can't believe this is still going on. Puck Daddy says "Mike Modano isn't aware he's supposed to be retired now," and points out the awkwardness of it all, owing to the fact that we already had a going away party for him and said goodbye sixteen months ago.

For now the news is that there is no news. Par for the August course, it would seem.