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Stargazing: Texas Stars Sign Two; Tom Hicks Sued; Six Changes To Stars' Schedule

First, some house keeping the Stars asked everyone to pass along: As you've no doubt seen already, the schedule has undergone some changes for next season already with six games getting earlier in the evening, both home and away.

For whatever it's worth, the press release says that it was the National Hockey League that has announced these changes.

Date Game New Time (CT)
Oct. 10 Phoenix at Dallas 5:00 pm (was 7:00 pm)
Dec. 19 Anaheim at Dallas 7:00 pm (was 7:30 pm)
Dec. 26 Dallas at St. Louis 6:30 pm (was 7:00 pm)
Jan. 3 Detroit at Dallas 7:00 pm (was 7:30 pm)
Jan. 16 Dallas at St. Louis 6:30 pm (was 7:00 pm)
Mar. 20 Phoenix at Dallas 7:00 pm (was 7:30 pm)

You'll notice they're Monday and Tuesday games. Speculation came from ESPN Dallas on Twitter that the October 10th decision was influenced by Columbus Day and the State Fair. The others (Razor mused, in particular) could be part of a Versus/NBC Sports/NHL initiated decision. The Stars haven't said one way or the other. Personally, I will be glad for the earlier return trip from the AAC on those occasions.


  • Fabian Brunnstrom has gone from highly sought-after undrafted free agent (rookie 17 goal scorer) to a guy signing a "pro tryout" in a last ditch effort to stay in the North American hockey picture. Ironically enough it's the Detroit Red Wings, who were in competition with Dallas to begin with, that give him this (presumably?) last chance. [TSN]
  • In completely non-sports news, new Stars d-man Sheldon Souray was seen at "Summer Slam" in Los Angeles kissing a WWE diva (seriously, that's what they call her) by the name of... "Kelly Kelly"?? I wish I was making any part of that up, but honestly, how could anyone? [Puck Daddy]
  • Via ESPN Dallas, the "Sports Forecaster" predicts the Western Conference Standings for the coming season and has Dallas as dead last. [ESPN Dallas]
  • Ralph Strangis is spending his summer as a thespian on a local stage and here "Art and" asks him about it and chronicles a little of this year's performance. Go get 'em, Ralphie. [Art and Seek]
  • On the heels of Derek Boogard's death we have Rick Rypien this week. It's a sad story repeating that is causing many to raise concerns about fighting in the league and about the consequences of CTE in sports in general. [Puck Daddy] And a really good (sad) read here: [National]
  • Tom Hicks' retention of financial interest in several parking lots surrounding Rangers Ballpark in Arlington as well as Jerry-World has spawned law suits claiming that he "embarked on a scheme to build a real estate empire on the backs of the Texas Rangers' players and creditors and fans of the team,"  which is not a wholly original thought. [Dallas Morning News]
  • In turn, Hicks fired back with a lawsuit of his own, calling the former a "money grab" and a "deceptive personal attack." [FWST]
  • Hockey lists Sheldon Souray as one of their five players poised for a big comeback year. [Hockey]
  • This seriously came up in a Google News search: An 11 year old thinks the Stars will be a "very very good team" next year. [Cochrane Eagle]
  • The Texas Stars announce two signings: Forwards Mike Hedden and Stephen Schultz. Those are Texas only deals, not Dallas. Stephen (of HDH) says they'll make it nearly impossible for any tryout players in their camp to make the roster as they now have 15 forwards. [Hundred Degree Hockey]