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Dallas Stars Sale: Are Interested Parties Kicking The Tires on St. Louis As Well?

While fans of the Dallas Stars anxiously await ownership news as the sale of the team enters it's 18th month, it's the St. Louis fan base who might have something to talk about in the near future. Current St. Louis owner Dave Checketts enlisted a group called Game Plan LLC to broker the sale of the Blues, and they have set a hard date of August 22nd for interested parties to submit formal bids before moving on to the next stage of the sale (or what might then be more of an auction).

On August 1st, reported that Game Plan LLC sent out nine letters to interested individuals and parties advising of them of the August 22nd deadline. Two weeks prior, TSN speculated here that two of three new bids on the Blues might have come from parties interested in the Dallas Stars.

Fast forward to yesterday where Jeremy Rutherford of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch tweeted the following in two parts...

Game Plan's Robert Caporale tells the Post-Dispatch that two groups trying to buy the Dallas Stars have interest in buying the Blues. (1/2)

With Stars' sale dragging, will that affect Blues' sale? Buyers have until Aug. 22 to submit bids for Blues. More Wed at (2/2)

Robert Caporale is the founder and chairman of Game Plan LLC; the big cheese, so to speak, so the claim on the information could carry some weight. We'll look forward to the aforementioned "more" in the St. Louis paper today (no pay wall!) but in the mean time it might be fun (time consuming?) to wonder what the implications are from a Dallas perspective, if indeed there are any at all.

This is the kind of report that never seems to amount to anything from a Dallas angle, but let's assume for fun that two of the groups trying to buy the Stars are interested in the Blues as well... What does that mean, if anything?

Tom Gaglardi, Doug Miller, Billy Quinn, Chuck Greenberg and Christopher Charlton. That's the known suspected pool of suitors in the Stars sale. Gaglardi is presumed to be all-in on Dallas currently. The next three all live in the metroplex. Charlton is a Detroit man and reportedly wants a hockey franchise in general, so he might be the most obvious guess, if one were to throw caution to the wind.

Whoever it is (again, if it's true) does it mean that Tom Gaglardi's bid really is that good and other interested parties feel the need to look elsewhere, or is it a signal of frustration on someone's part with the protracted nature of the process?

More than likely it simply represents due diligence and "shopping around" to know the market and be as informed as possible. After all, the tweet says parties looking at the Stars are merely interested in St. Louis, not that they have submitted the formal paperwork required by August 22nd. If that were the case then they'd technically be committed to a possible decision in their favor, even though the Blues process will more than likely drag on beyond that initial round of bids. Such a thing (a formal bid from someone interested in the Stars) might tell us a bit more if it happens that way in a week and a half.

It's been twelve days since news of Gaglardi's completed stalking-horse bid came down. Would the prospect of other interested parties looking elsewhere be a good sign or a bad sign? Just something to ponder as we continue to wait...