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Stargazing: Huddy Moves On; Media Reacts To Potential Greenberg Bid

In the 20 months preceding March 2011 Chuck Greenberg had become something of a folk hero in Dallas/Fort Worth. Last August sports fans throughout the region were vehemently pulling for him in a race against time and money as Mark Cuban and others bid against him in very public proceedings. He won the bid and immediately made positive changes with the club. He was the face of new ownership; Of a bright future. He was the man that rescued baseball fans across North Texas from what many perceived to be years of mismanagement by the previous regime.

So when his hat was unceremoniously thrown in the proverbial Dallas Stars ring yesterday a cacophonous tidal wave of posts inundated the internet for purposes none other than name recognition and page view mongering. Chuck Greenberg is "a name" in this town, and thus the attention.

The details of his time as Texas Rangers CEO are still obscured somewhat from the general public, or else just generally misunderstood. Men by the name of Simpson and Davis turned out to have all of the money, and while Greenberg presented the face that every fan wanted to see, his release this spring showed just how much financial clout he had with the club...which is to say: about 1-2% of the investment, or so they say, and the rest of the details have been kept close to the vest.

So what financial backing would he have in a potential Stars bid? With whom would he partner? Those are good questions. What can't be underestimated is his desire to own a sports franchise of whatever kind, and to compete and win. He grew up a hockey fan. We've actually seen him at Stars games before.

Of course, if Gaglardi's people would complete an offer (things involving legal processes take a long time during the summer vacation season...just the way that it is) then all of this might be moot. The important thing to take away is a contrast between the Phoenix and Atlanta situations with the Stars'. There are as many as FIVE groups now eye balling this thing... Not a bad place to be in the market place for hockey teams that may or may not be hemorrhaging money.


  • Multiple sources are following up on Mike Heika's report and all can confirm that Greenberg is indeed "kicking the tires" on this sale, so much that he did file paperwork and is at least interested in seeing what the structure and value of the Gaglardi bid will be...some day. [ESPN Dallas]
  • Speaking of potential owners: Coyote-savior-turned-ex-suitor Matt Hulsizer has apparently shifted his focus to the St. Louis Blues now. I like this report by SB Nation St. Louis because in it they say (in reference to Dallas) "It seems that the sale of that team's moving along nicely...." [SB Nation St. Louis]
  • Mac Engel weighs in at the Ft. Worth Star Telegram, telling people to beware of Chuck Greenberg, or anyone who is not planning on losing money the first several seasons. [FWST]
  • Mark Stepneski notes that that Dallas prospect (ex-prospect) Segei Korostin has signed a deal to play in the KHL next season and the Stars have voided his contract. Side note: Quick! Name the last Russian the Stars drafted... Stuff like this may or may not be why. [ESPN]
  • Charlie Huddy was not out of work for long, and will be joining the Winnipeg Jets coaching staff this coming season. Glad to see that... [Toronto Sun]
  • Razor notes the differences on his blog in which age groups were awarded large contracts before and after the lockout. It seems this is a much more youthful league these days. [Razor -]
  • Stars feature on second round pick Brett Ritchie, a future power forward in the making. [Dallas Stars]