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Stargazing: Development Camp Wraps; Another Potential New Division Alignment

As we ease back into sports after last night's real downer of a tragedy, I can't help but look around the net and see that there's still plenty of hockey news to peruse and plenty of Dallas Stars related notes at that. That's welcome news for people now counting down about 60 days of blistering heat and boredom until the Stars head out for training camp in early September.

We'll start with Minnesota Wild owner Craig Leipold, who may have tipped the league's hand a little bit on what the new Western Conference divisions could look like next year. According to Leipold [Star Tribune], the central division (or whatever it will be called) could be the Wild, Stars, Predators, Jets, Blues, Blackhawks and either Columbus or Detroit (no thank you).

We can't speak for the Stars of course but it seems like they would take that deal in a heart beat as it means more manageable travel and television start times for the fans. Some kind of southeastern configuration that fits the Stars in might be even more beneficial still on both accounts, but personally I like the Stars in the West, even if it is the stronger conference right now up and down.

One thing is for sure: We could probably all find a way to hate the Predators as much as we do the Ducks.


  • Our great local treasures Razor Reaugh and Ralph Strangis are celebrated (appropriately so) here in a piece by Derek Zona discussing the league's best and worst on-air talent. Jack Edwards is afforded his...usual kind of attention. [SB Nation]
  • Matt Climie's journey continues on after he left the Stars. He played for the Coyotes AHL affiliate last year in San Antonio and now the Canucks have placed him in their system. [TSN]
  • Here's a good piece on Troy Vance, the very young Dallas Stars defenseman drafted in the 5th round this year. [THN]
  • Jack Campbell is chomping at the bit to get to the NHL but he will play in Windsor again next season, much to the relief of Spitfire fans evidently. [Winsor Star]
  • Small and speedy forward Chris Conner was picked up by the Penguins after being released by Dallas and played some important minutes for them over the course of the last two seasons but he moves now to Detroit. [SB Nation]
  • Jamie Langenbrunner calls last season his "most disappointing year" and that it made hockey more of a job. [Sporting News]
  • The DMN has a couple of quotes from Sheldon Souray's radio interview on The Ticket yesterday. We'll have much more on Souray and his road to Dallas coming up on DBD. [DMN]
  • ESPN Dallas has a little feature on Adriano Mungioli, a native of DFW that was invited to development camp. Having seen him on the ice there I feel like I can say with some certainty that no one had more fun at this camp than he did. When he says it's his dream he means it. Every minute looked like a joy for him. [ESPN Dallas]