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Rumor: Chuck Greenberg Possibly Interested in Purchasing Dallas Stars?

Here's a juicy and tasty rumor for Dallas Stars fans, and let me ensure that this is absolutely, 100% nothing but conjecture at this point.

According to Ben Rogers of ESPN Dallas, and local radio fame, former Texas Rangers owner Chuck Greenberg is "kicking the tires" and might be interested in attempting to purchase the Dallas Stars.

Hearing from friends of Chuck Greenberg that he could indeed be interested in the Dallas Stars if the right opportunity presents itself

I've also heard some rumblings about this possibility, but there is absolute nothing concrete. That being said, it's an interesting proposition.

Chuck Greenberg was the CEO of the Texas Rangers after he headed up an ownership group to purchase the team, winning the right to the purchase after a very dramatic victory in bankruptcy court last summer. Greenberg was then let go from that CEO position this spring due to professional differences between himself and the rest of the group, although the real reasons have never been made known.

Greenberg instantly worked to improve the fan experience with the team and vowed to do what it took to turn the Rangers into a better team, even after the World Series appearance. He was a very passionate and public face of the ownership group, and instantly became a fan favorite during his time at the head of the organization.

This isn't just a case of Greenberg wanting to purchase the team however. Greenberg only put up a very, very small percentage of money in the sale of the Rangers and instead was the figurehead of a more silent group of owners who had the actual money. He's a wealthy man who has been very successful, and could conceivably be able to afford this purchase on his own, but I'd be very interested to know that -- if this rumor was in some way true -- if he would be once again leading up an ownership group.

As it stands, however, Tom Gaglardi still has exclusive negotiating rights to the purchase of the club. The 60 day window (extended from 30) is likely over and we've not heard a single bit of news on the sale of this team in quite some time, other than the fact that it is "progressing slowly".

Would Greenberg be an owner Stars fans would want? He's already a bit of a cult hero in Dallas, although his dismissal as the CEO of the Rangers raises a couple of red flags. If nothing else, he's a man that loves hockey (he helped to facilitate the sale of the Pittsburgh Penguins) and he's a very passionate owner who believes in listening to the fans.

Right now, I just want anyone to buy this hockey team. What say you?