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Stars' Preseason Game in Houston at Reliant Stadium Cancelled

Greetings from McKinney, Texas where the Stars continue to hold development camp for their prospects. Taylor and I are up here today trying to get some good photos and whatnot to share later on but there's some notes from the Stars out there this afternoon that might be in need of some discussion in the mean time...

  • The preseason game in Houston is not happening. That is disappointing, though not all that surprising when considering how far fetched the idea seemed in the first place and apparently there never was much of a formal agreement in place with Reliant Stadium. So no road trip and no get together down south. We should supplement with a preseason game in Dallas.
  • The preseason schedule in full is supposed to be out later this week.
  • Dallas is apparently done, according to the Dallas Morning News, in free agency and the 23 likely NHL roster players are the team heading into camp in September. No Jamie Langenbrunner, Brandon Segal, Brian Sutherby, Jeff Woywtika, Jason Williams, or Karlis Skrastins as expected.
  • The budget is being reported as about $52 million for next season as far as payroll goes. The Stars are a little below that, but given how many extra moves they made last season and the number of bodies added mid-stream, either in free agency or from Texas, they want to stay below it to give themselves flexibility when opportunities present themselves or the inevitable injuries strike. Why is it about $52 million, up from $47million for a team that reportedly lost as much as $15 million last season? Who knows...
  • Stars defensive prospect Brenden Dillon told me today that he reads Defending Big D. #winning