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Stargazing: Jason Williams Signs With Penguins, Other Nearly-Stars Related News Items

#27 was worn by Cheechoo in preseason, then Jason Williams. Hopefully Adam Pardy will have better luck with it.
#27 was worn by Cheechoo in preseason, then Jason Williams. Hopefully Adam Pardy will have better luck with it.

Did I say Stargazing? I might have meant Star-Glancing. Such is life in the NHL these days as all of hockey-dom has gone on vacation and we peasants are left to sift through the ether, searching for tiny internet morsels of goodness to consume.

I didn't really find any last night, but here it is anyway. Leading off is Puck Daddy's conclusion of their top 25 lists at the forward position. It's always hard to know what to call Jamie Benn if you're a Stars fan and if you're on the outside looking in it must be harder still, but the fact that he's left off of all three lists in favor of some pretty notable suspect characters is... well, it's right on par with being a Stars fan today.

Whatever position you think he plays, review his hockey-god-like streak since coming back from injury in late February, watch film of him killing penalties in the other team's zone (over and over and over again) and tell me he wasn't THE alpha male on the ice in nearly every game down the stretch. I am just a homer, right? At any rate, James Neal is on the list and Benn isn't. I suspect we'll have more on that later but for now: I wish other team's coaching staffs would ignore Benn as much as the average hockey/blogger fan does.


  • This was behind the DMN paywall but it escaped somehow, making it into the Bellingham Herald, among other places I suspect. So enjoy Mike Heika's premium content for free on Paul Jerrard and his rare status as a black coach in the NHL. [Bellingham Herald]
  • In discussion of all the big names out there still looking for jobs. Marty Turco and Mike Modano are of particular interest to us, and August is coming. Are these guys going to find work or not? [Toronto Star]
  • The aforementioned Puck Daddy piece on left wings. Ryan Smyth and James Neal ahead of the absent Jamie Benn... I'll let you sound off on that one. [Puck Daddy]
  • Good piece on someone we should all be excited about: John Klingberg. looks at the defensive prospect, where he'll play next season, and Les Jackson calls him "slippery and elusive." []
  • Turning to social media for news... we have... uhh.. Facebook. Apparently the Dallas Stars Foundation donated $25,000 to "Dallas LIFE", who ministers to the homeless. [Facebook]
  • The Penguins sign Jason Williams, who finished his season with Dallas last year. National media is writing blogs about him? Funny that didn't happen when he signed with the Stars. [CBS Sports]
  • Looking at the what-if scenario of taking the top 16 teams in the league to the playoffs rather than the top eight from each conference. The Stars would have been in last year, of course. Just barely. [on goal analysis]