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Stargazing: Stars' Stu Barnes To See Diminished Role?

Even as the whole hockey world seemingly vacations, work is still being done in the Dallas Stars front office as July crawls to a close. First news of Les Jackson's extension (a move the Razor-himself hailed as "GREAT!" news on Twitter) and now rumblings come from Mike Heika's conversations with team officials that the paradigm shift in the coaching staff is not yet complete.

Mike says that the four-man gameday coaching staff might be a thing of the past. For several years now the Stars have had an assistant coach up in the general managers box, as well as two on the bench accompanying Tippett and Crawford. Stu Barnes was one of them and he rotated that "eye in the sky" position with Andy Moog, etc, on the bench.

They may, according to the DMN's report, eliminate a man from that rotation and go with only three: Glen Gulutzan, Paul Jerrard, and Willie Desjardins. Which isn't to say that Barnes would leave the team. He'll be sticking around to help with player development and at practices, just possibly in a slightly diminished role.


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