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Stargazing: Bruins Fans Weigh in On Michael Ryder; Stars Called Winners in Free Agency

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With thirteen teams still technically under the cap floor at lunch time on Saturday, July 2nd, it's safe to say the wheeling and dealing isn't done out there and the next wave of signings is due at any moment before the holiday weekend takes it's effect on the proceedings. The Stars, however, appear done. Nieuwednyk says there could be some tweaks, but after all the intended pieces fell into place yesterday we saw how the roster fit together and do not expect any trades on the horizon. But you never know....!

In the mean time let's take a look at the reaction to the Michael Ryder signing out there, universally hailed as a good pickup by Stars fans. What do Bruins fans think?

Revisionist history always ensues when a player leaves (some pretty sorry revisionist history about Brad Richards is already forming out there...which is shameful, btw) and the Bruins fan base has quite a bit of apathy about his departure despite 17 points in their Stanley Cup run...


  • The Boston Herald has no parting shots for the right winger and mentions him only in passing saying "say goodbye and good luck to well-liked veteran winger Michael Ryder, a true playoff hero for the Stanley Cup champions..." [Boston Herald] Innocuous enough.
  • Our friends over at Stanley Cup of Chowder remember him a little bit differently and don't seem to mind his moving on, alleging that he is prone to disappear for large stretches of season at a time. [Stanley Cup of Chowder] BTW, every time I visit that site I can't help but think of this.
  • Another Bruins fan blog here says the exact same thing: That he'll disappear on you at times during the season. Interesting if only because you can look at anyone's season in the league and find bad stretches. [Fan Sided]
  • ESPN Dallas has some video from development camp. I too hope to have some later this week but the busy holiday weekend is getting in my way. Development camp happens too soon after the draft, during free agency and a national holiday for some reason. [ESPN Dallas]
  • Puck Daddy's winners and losers. Spoiler alert... the Stars are winners. [Puck Daddy]
  • The Flames are pouting because they offered Richards more money and he took less and went to New York anyway. [Calgary Herald]
  • The USA Today says the Stars are winners as well. [USA Today]
  • The local paper in Eau Claire talks about their native Jake Dowell and his signing with the Dallas Stars [Leader-Telegram]
  • Puck Daddy analyzes Brad's signing with the Rangers, including the NINE years that deal is for and wonders if this makes them contenders. [Puck Daddy]
  • Here's the list of remaining UFA's [cap geek]
  • All is quiet on the Mike Modano front.