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Your Choice: One Player From Each Team In Pacific Division

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Inspired by this post at Blogging The Boys, I thought this would be an interesting exercise in some fantasy hockey debate. 

The Dallas Stars are headed into the 2011 season a bit of an underdog in the Pacific Division, playing catch up with teams that had more money to spend and more talent to build around yet still needing to find a way to remain competitive. The San Jose Sharks and Los Angeles Kings both improved this offseason and one could say that with Jonas Hiller between the pipes, the Ducks are never to be discounted. Especially with Cam Fowler on the blue line (zing!).

What if you could choose one player from each team to come over to the Dallas Stars? Who would it be? 

Taking into consideration the needs of the team and the long and short term advantages, this is more than just picking the "best player". 

My picks after the jump.

Phoenix Coyotes: The Stars have needed a good all-around defenseman who can score and provide above-average defense in front of the net for a while now. Some of that need was filled by Alex Goligoski, and there's the experiment with Sheldon Souray, but I'd love to have a guy like Keith Yandle playing for the Stars. Just 24 years old, good size and he's improving year after year on offense (59 points in 10-11).

Los Angeles Kings: Anze Kopitar. He's a big, physical playmaking center who is only going to be 25 this year. What else could the Stars need?

San Jose Sharks: I'm going to keep with the theme that the Stars would still love a good center. Imagine what this team could do with Jamie Benn playing on a line with a guy like Joe Pavelski? Benn could be the size and physicality to go with Pavelski's natural playmaking ability. 

Anaheim Ducks:  Just so he can be on the Dallas Stars and we don't have to have the Jack Campbell debate everytime the Stars play the Ducks, I'll take Cam Fowler.