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Fans From Abroad: What Made You A Fan Of The Dallas Stars?

One thing that I've started to really notice is the growing number of our community that reside not just outside Dallas, but outside the United States as well. It seems we have a healthy contingent of Dallas Stars fans in Great Britain as well, which is infinitely intriguing to me. 

So, on a bit of a busy Friday for those of us in the DBD office, I'd like to ask for your stories on how you became a Stars fan. If you don't reside in Dallas, what attracted to you to Stars and hockey in general?

I always love to hear how people became fans of this team and I'm intrigued to learn how those in the U.K., Europe and elsewhere came to be fans of the Stars as well.

For those of us (like me) who grew up or resided in Dallas and the Stars were the logical choice, feel free to share your experiences as well on what led to you becoming a die hard Stars fan.

We'll have some good stuff later today, including a quick chat with new defenseman Adam Pardy. For now, consider this an open discussion thread.