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Best Role Player In Dallas Stars History?

As we gear up for the "dead season" that inevitably comes in August and early September, I've started to look ahead at our roster breakdowns and player breakdowns. We all focus on the big name players, the Brenden Morrow's, Jamie Benn's and Kari Lehtonen's but what truly makes a team win consistently is the sustained success of the role players on the team.

The Stars overhauled their role players this summer, adding Vernon Fiddler, Radek Dvorak and Jake Dowell and many feel they've done a great job upgrading their third and fourth lines -- something vitally important for a team that just lost a superstar.

This got me to thinking about role players in the past for the Stars, who might have been the best and most important. For a franchise like Dallas, who for so long relied on the "team" aspect and not just the superstars, there are many to choose from. For me, I keep coming back to Mike Keane and how his addition on the third line added a dimension that put the Stars over the top and was instrumental in winning the Stanley Cup.

I'm curious to hear from the Stars fans out there; who do you believe to be the best role player for the Dallas Stars? This can't include the big names on the team and I'm already going to rule out Guy Carbonneau as well. Have at it!