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Stargazing: Skepticism on Sheldon Souray, Michael Ryder Signings

The Dallas Stars six free agent signings earlier this month seem to have drawn the eye (or often the raised eyebrows) of the hockey community: Mainly Michael Ryder and Sheldon Souray. It's a classic July conversation: "Can aging players with seemingly diminishing skill sets and physical tools move on to a new place and re-find a bit of what used to make them special?" That verbiage doesn't apply to Michael Ryder quite the same way as it does to Sheldon Souray, of course, who was the subject of our morning post.

Hockey-fervent Edmonton took barely an hour or two this morning to respond to our take on Souray as David Staples of the Edmonton Journal was hot on the case, largely disagreeing with the things that Souray said on 1310 The Ticket last week, then taking Brandon Worley to task both in the DBD comments and in his own blog posting...

Finally, when it comes to the points that the blogger Worley makes, I'm not at all buying it.

It's not accurate to say that Souray's demotion to Hershey was fully a public relations move. Souray had been a strong player in 2008-09, but after his concussion early in 2009, he was not the same player, not even close. His wrist injury, obtained in a stupid retribution fight with Calgary's Jarome Iginla, didn't help.

Simply put, for the last two seasons he could no longer keep up with the NHL game. [Edmonton Journal]

It's all part of the off-season fun. While not a completely analogous situation, the Mike Modano departure from Dallas produced similar conversational fodder last year. Can he go somewhere else and contribute? Detroit fans were certain that he could. Certain Stars fans (not all) said otherwise. The truth was somewhere in the middle.

The fans watching a player go (who know him better) are probably right more often than not in such a conversation, but in the case of a Souray, who has not been really and truly healthy for a very long time, both sides should take a wait and see approach.


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