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Dallas Stars sign D Sheldon Souray to One Year Deal

The Dallas Stars continue their spending ways and sign defenseman Sheldon Souray to a one year, $1.65 million deal. 

The veteran defenseman has a very hard shot, being referred to as a "Studly Wonderbomb" by our very own Razor.  He won the hardest shot competition at the all-star game in 2009.  Souray could be an option to play point on the first powerplay unit alongside Goligoski.

One knock on the man is that Souray spent parts of the last few seasons injured, even seeing his salary moved off the books by being sent down to the AHL level last year by the Edmonton Oilers.  Souray is going to have a lot to prove that he still has the goods to play in the NHL, which should give him plenty of motivation here in Dallas.  Combined with a heavy shot that our blue line has been lacking for some time, the Souray signing should be viewed as a "low risk, high reward" type of signing of a proven NHLer.  With Gulutzan's reputation for working with the talent he has available to him, Souray could become a solid contribution.

We'll all just have to wait and see how this signing turns out.  At least no one can say the Stars did nothing today, right?