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Stargazing: Dallas Stars Sale Continues at Glacial Pace

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Another week has gone by and while the pressure to get the Dallas Stars sale done (if there ever really was any) in a timely fashion as it relates to the free agency period has been removed with the Brad Richards developments of the last several days, we were still hoping that a Monday morning and a fresh news cycle might deliver some good news.

Instead, the news is the same as last week.

Mike Heika says they're working on it. They're still working on it. We heard last week "maybe by the end of the week" and this Monday morning it's no different...

Sources also confirm that Tom Gaglardi and his people still are working on their purchase agreement, and that it could be finished by the end of this week. It really is a complicated formula, as they are trying to put together an offer that is fair to them, but also won't allow other potential buyers to get in a bidding war.

That last part is key, and it's worth the wait. An extra week or two in June could potentially save them a month or two down the road if they're able to effectively ward off any potential competition before bankruptcy court will even accept additional bids.

Short term pain for long term gain, as it were. Unless you are rooting against Gaglardi at this point.

So we wait...


  • Ryan Lambert of PD links to Mike Heika's iron clad explanation on why Joe Nieuwendyk did what he did (not trade Brad Richards) and says he still doesn't understand it, calling it "stupid then, and stupid now." Oh, how we love his anti-Stars attitude every week in "What We Learned" [Puck Daddy]
  • Speculation on what kind of contract Brad Richards will sign continues. Also in this piece from THN, they suggest the Wild might buy out Cam Barker. Interested? [The Hockey News]
  • Derian Hatcher says he wouldn't be surprised either way if Modano retires or decides to play again. []
  • The Edmonton Journal says that Phoenix "likely can't afford" Bryzgalov. That would make my summer. [Edmonton Journal]
  • The Desmoines Register interviews Stars center Toby Petersen [Desmoines Register]
  • ESPN Dallas takes a look at Matt Fraser, one of the Stars prospect free agent signings who had a good year in juniors and will be in Austin next year. [ESPN Dallas]
  • The oft-inflammatory NY Post says Brad Richards might be a little too much for the Rangers to handle financially. Question: If the Red Wings 'supposed' approach of a short deal and a promise to win won't work, and TB needs him to come in a little lower on the money, and the Rangers can't afford him... Are the Kings starting to look like a real option here? That is BAD. [NY Post]
  • Someone named a race horse Sean Avery. [Puck Daddy]