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Stargazing: Brad Richards Roundup; Erroneous Sale Reports

One of the (many) unfortunate parts of this whole ownership/sale saga is that a lot of people who have better things to do spend half of their time running around disproving false reports rather than focusing on otherwise productive discussions. Those people most of the time are named Mike Heika.

Today people have been tweeting and emailing about a report that was in The Hockey News written by our old friend Mr. Ken Campbell, architect of such inaccuracies as "Stars Sold to Bill Gallacher (July 16th, 2010)" and "Stars Advanced $8 Million in Revenue Sharing by league" (October, 2010). There have been others, all later disproved, and we'd like to think that when Ken Campbell writes something about Stars' ownership you'll just nod politely and go back about your business as if a doddering old relative was talking at you.

Yesterday he posited the following:

It's believed the banks that are running the Stars and Gagliardi are deeply into negotiations that will see Gagliardi buy the team and half the lease to the American Airlines Arena in Dallas for about $160 million.

Having an owner in place for that board of governors meeting would be a boon to the Stars and would give them a chance, contrary to published reports, to re-sign pending unrestricted free agent Brad Richards before July 1.

That, on the same day that Joe Nieuwendyk told Dallas media that they would not be offering Brad Richards a contract because there is no point (because ownership will not be done in time)? Odd timing. Our friends at Pro Hockey Talk had a discussion of that report as well, which is what most of you are sending.

Look, we'd all like to "believe", but who are we going to trust? Ken Campbell, or Mike Heika?


  • A thoughtful piece from Mr. Heika on why GM Joe Nieuwendyk did what he did, and why the whole Brad Richards situation is just bad timing, devoid of culpability. [DMN]
  • An oddly titled piece from Toronto entitled "Are the Leafs interested in the Brad Richards sweepstakes?" Do Bears ____ in the woods? []
  • Here's another report from the NY Times. In a brief blog they offer almost no new information, but suggest that the purchase price of the team will be close to $250 Million. They say "the structure of the sale is largely complete," whatever that means. [NY Times]
  • The ratings for Game 1 of the SCF's were good. The last time they were this good was...The Dallas Stars and Buffalo Sabres in 1999! []
  • Quote from Brad Richards via ESPN: "I had fun in Dallas and I like the city. But the (ownership) situation is unclear so I really didn't have a chance to stay there." So painful... [ESPN Dallas]
  • Puck Daddy has a good roundup of potential Brad Richards suitors. [Puck Daddy]