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2011 NHL Draft Profile: RW Ty Rattie

Defending Big D continues our annual series of looking at top draft prospects that could possibly have their name called by the Dallas Stars at the 2011 Entry Draft. Today we look at a right winger from the WHL that could be a bit of a gamble pick if the Stars take him at 14...

Ty Rattie
Team: Portland (WHL)
Born: February 5, 1992
Height: 5-11
Weight: 163 pounds
Position: Right Wing
Shoots: Right

NHL Central Scouting: 17th among North American skaters
International Scouting Services: 28th
The Hockey News: 33rd

Why the Stars would take him:

Ty is one of the more skilled puck handling forwards that would be available to the Stars in the draft and is a very creative playmaker that hockey scouts have been raving for years about. His passing ability and ice vision is quite remarkable and has been known more than a few times to make an offensive play when there seemingly wasn't a play to be made. Not only can he make plays, but he's an excellent finisher as his 28 goals in the WHL regular season and 9 more goals in the WHL playoffs can attest. He has a very hard slapshot and was also second on the Winter Hawks with 12 power play goals. Scouts have also been impressed with the head on the kid's shoulders and was known as a leader within the Winter Hawks locker room as well someone who is very coach-able.

Why they would pass:

Because quite frankly at 14 there may be better options available to the Stars than a smallish forward who is not exactly known for tough play in the defensive zone. His stock has dropped within different draft rankings including Central Scouting who had him 11th with North American skaters at mid-season but fell six spots by season's end even with the solid playoff performance offensively. His skating and speed is average and while he could make up for that with hard work and is projected by some to be a potential top six NHL forward, he would still be a bit of a risk to take so high in the first round at this point.

Scouting report and video after the jump...

What they're saying:

"He's sneaky-good, to the point where you don't notice him and at the end of game he'll have four points. He's a good positional player, but also very creative and he can make something out of nothing. He has very smart puck sense."

--NHL Central Scouting's B.J. MacDonald

"The biggest concern in Rattie's game right now is simply that he needs to get stronger. Rattie tends to play primarily along the perimeter, and though he has been effective for the most part, one has to wonder how good he could be if he were able to play in the rough areas of the ice. Rattie is a good skater, but he is by no means going to put you in awe with his speed - another aspect of his game that could use improvement. His defensive play improved a little over the season, but still needs work. There are stretches of time where you don't even notice him on the ice, which may be a byproduct of him playing away from the danger zones."


What he's saying:

"It still hasn't really kicked in yet, but the feeling of getting drafted by an NHL team is overwhelming. It seemed like such a far away dream when I was a little kid, and now I'm headed to the draft to get picked up by a team. Unbelieveable feeling, and it's a summer that I will never forget."

--Ty Rattie's Draft Diary

Ty Rattie hat trick vs Kamloops (2010-10-15) (via nhldraftvideo)

Ty Rattie - Mr. Clutch (via YanthaCanada)