Stars Fans! Help Bring Razor To Twitter

As many of you have no doubt seen, there is a "Get Razor on Twitter" campaign on Facebook that's been around for weeks now and the movement has gained notice from the Stars, who have made it known to us that Razor is aware of the sentiment and is strongly considering delivering Razorisms 140 characters at a time.

However, it seems he needs a bit more persuading and while no magic number has been set as of today, he will require some more "likes" to make it happen.

Please click on over to Facebook and like the "Campaign to get Daryl "Razor" Reaugh on Twitter" to contribute.

If you yourself are not on Twitter either, we'd highly recommend it, as you're missing out on half of the conversation in the online hockey world. Follow Defending Big D: @defendingbigd, @BrandonBibb_DBD, @PatIVERSEN, @taylordbaird, @GameTimeArt, and @brandonworley

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