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The Defending Big D Podcast: We Need Your Help!!!

You asked for it and we've listened. But we need your help.

After two years of running a well-liked but absolutely amateur live podcast for the website, we are pleased to announce that just in time for the NHL draft and free agency we will be launching a revamped version of our award-winning show*. Things will be a bit different, however, as we've dropped the live format of the show in favor of a recorded podcast produced and hosted by the Dallas Sports Network.

*Winner of the Best Dallas Stars Blog on SB Nation for 2009, 2010. Just kidding.

We hope to bring you not only a professionally produced show on a weekly basis, but also expert interviews from around the hockey world as well as player and prospect interviews.

The name of our old show, "Defending Big D Live", won't work anymore. And that's where you come in. We're asking you, the DBD faithful, to give us ideas for our brand new show. Every suggestion counts, and we'll put the best names of the bunch to a vote and let YOU decide what name we ultimately roll with.