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Stargazing: All Three Dallas Star Swedes Hurt at World Championships

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The Dallas Stars sent three Swedes to the IIHF 2011 World Championships in Austria Slovakia this summer. All three are hurt now, wouldn't you know it. Team Sweden might now suffer the same fate as the Stars because they brought their injury luck to Europe with them.

Nick Grossman is day to day with a knee injury (the same knee he hurt in Dallas at the end of the year), Tom Wandell is out for the tournament with a shoulder injury and Loui is day to day with a new groin problem suffered against Team USA yesterday.

The good news is that none of the maladies are expected to be a long term concern and everyone should be fine come September and training camp, but it adds fuel to the controversial fire that is lending your players to international competitions in hockey and basketball.


  • Mike Heika has an awkward translation from Swedish about Loui Eriksson's groin injury that has all of our female Twitter friends seemingly enraged. It seems his groin is a tender subject with some of them. [DMN
  • Here's the latest from Heika from a few days ago on the Gaglardi bid on the Stars. He says the total value of the offer (cash + assumed debt) is somewhere around $250 million [DMN]
  • That led to dozens of copy cat reports across the web and many of them were punctuated with hilarious user comments like this one at The Sporting News that says "Ummm, you know he's going to move the team to Vancouver, right?" Funny, funny stuff. []
  • Atlanta Thrasher fans, without even knowing where their franchise will be next season, are now coveting Brad Richards publicly? []
  • The Capitals might NOT fire Boudreau? [Puck Daddy]
  • The Allen Americans lost again last night and are down 2-1 in their Berry Conference Final series. The series shifts to Shreveport now. []
  • Here's a piece painting red neck hockey fans in a weird light, including a woman from Arkansas (a Predator fan) who says she considered the Stars but didn't like their logo. I'm being serious. It was a huge loss for our fan base. []
  • An interesting comparison between what the Sharks are doing and what the Dallas Mavericks appear to be doing. [Mercury News]
  • Finally, Mac Engel of the Ft Worth Star Telegram (apparently they're still in business) suggests the Stars NOT sign Brad Richards even if they can and offers no reasons why beyond his age and offers no free agent alternative suggestions in a year where the free agent pool is almost empty. [FWST] This devils advocate point of view is something we might explore on DBD soon, but I have a feeling most of you would disagree with Mac.