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Stargazing: Media Coverage of Dallas Stars Sale Increasing

We'll start this Tuesday morning with an odd trip over to TSN where they do a "thumbs up" or "thumbs down" blog featuring opinions from many different writers there. From the context of previous posts and the rest of the entries on this one in particular you get the feeling that these guys are cheering or jeering (judging) actions and decisions by certain parties in sports. Then there's this guy...

My thumb is down to the other NHL team with an uncertain future, and that would be the Dallas Stars. They're not moving, as far as we know, but we don't know who will be their owner next season, and until we know that, we don't know who will be their coach and we don't know if Brad Richards will continue to be their leading scorer. Vancouver businessman Tom Gaglardi is in line to buy the team in a bankruptcy proceeding, but he's unlikely to do that in time to allow the Stars to court Kirk Muller as their coach and to attempt to sign Richards before he becomes a free agent on July 1. The Stars were one win away from the playoffs this season - they're a long way from knowing what next season will bring.

Perhaps he's "thumbs downing" the whole situation in a sympathetic way?

I don't know if I understand who he's jeering here. "The team". The people that run the team? The people who have all their fingers and toes stuck in the dike, plugging leaks and holding this thing together with scotch tape every day as they have for two seasons now? Those people? Or does he mean the lenders conducting the sale that are just trying to recoup money from the mess that he-who-must-not-be-named left behind? Who exactly is there to reprimand for this situation? I suppose there is one name that comes to mind...

Second on the agenda and (slightly) pursuant to that odd wagging of the finger above: If you don't use Twitter you may have missed Brad Richards tweeting the following on Sunday night...

Landed in NYC tonight.... Same night Bin Laden news is released..... Erie feeling

For many Stars fans who already had to read about him making a trip to Tampa Bay last week, it could simply be boiled down to the "New York City" and the "Erie feeling" parts all by itself.


More morning reading after the jump including one name potentially crossed off the coaching candidates list...

  • Here's a re-hashing of the ongoing sale of the Dallas Stars, but this one suggests bankruptcy court would come in June. That makes sense given the 30 day exclusivity period, but it's the first time we've seen anyone put that fine of a point on it. The 30 day period doesn't necessarily need to take 30 days (i.e., we'd like to see bankruptcy court in May if at all possible)... []
  • Bob Sturm tweeted this last night "I am hearing the ownership story has legs and that the Stars just might be within a month of turning the page." Knowing Bob, I think this is probably more than him just reading the Canadian press. [Twitter]
  • Rumblings are getting louder that the New Jersey Devils will hire Ken Hitchcock to be their new head coach, continuing the tradition of defense first hockey there. Have fun, Ilya. [THN]
  • Here's a good roundup of NHL players tweeting about the Osama Bin Laden news on Sunday night. [Vancouver Sun]
  • In case you didn't see it last week (I didn't) the Dredger Report has a good bit about Brad Richards helping out James Neal down the stretch and keeping in contact with him if you scroll down a bit. [TSN]
  • If you didn't see it, Adam McQuaid of the Bruins made the most spectacularly violent gaffe last night on a missed check (that probably would have gotten him suspended) and flung himself into the boards instead. [Puck Daddy]