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Dallas Stars 2010-11 Season Grades: Steve Ott

Steve Ott

#29 / Center / Dallas Stars



Aug 19, 1982

G A P +/- PIM
2010 - Steve Ott 12 20 32 -9 183

Key Stat: 1,138. That's how many faceoffs Steve Ott took and it's a massive increase over the 352 he took the season before. With Mike Modano's departure and Brad Richards' injury concerns Ott dove into faceoffs head first this season and shone brightest on the team with a 56.6% success rate, giving them some stability in that area moving forward.

The Good: Ott's utility and flexibility continue to be his greatest service provided to the Dallas Stars. He has shown himself to be more than competent in all areas of the ice. He killed more penalties this year, played on the power play, won face offs, and scored the occasional big goal. He may not have been king of the little things, as was often said about Jere Lehtinen, but his game was more geared toward those details this year, in addition to drawing the most penalties on the team with his, ah... special skill set.

Not to be overlooked is the coaching staff's confidence in him in end of game situations. As we detailed in this post, Steve Ott was one of the forwards sent into battle to bring home one goal leads and as you can see, nearly always got the job done. He wasn't just there to win the faceoff.

The Bad: His offense dropped off a little this year to just 12 goals for after two seasons of being a 20 goal man. Without knowing what line he'd be on or even what position he'd play from day to day, this was to be expected but we're sure Steve would like to do a little more in this are next year.

The Bottom Line: He continues to be an extremely important emotional leader on this team and as his game evolves and his skillset grows he will be able to help this team as he ages without necessarily needing to be Steve Ott "the pest." What he needs going forward might be less nights where we're wondering which Otter we're getting tonight: The one who's going to take a couple of minors, or the one who's going to toe the line and keep his talents on the ice.

The Vote: Rate Ott below on a scale of A to F (A being the best of course) based on his performance relative to his potential and your expectations for the season.

Steve Ott breakaway against Chicago at home...