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You vote: Dallas Stars' Play of the Year

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We're rolling out a special feature this summer here at Defending Big D: Dallas Stars Play Of The Year. We want to put it to the Stars fans and the readers of DBD to determine just which play was truly the most exciting, the most game-changing of the season. We're going to break it down by month, picking a winner for October, November, December, etc before having a vote among all the winners for each month. We'll present a video highlight of each play and you -- the readers --- will vote on the winner.

We've narrowed down the field month by month, and now it's time to vote on the play of the year. Really, we should call it the "Jamie Benn Play of the Year*" (*with a few other plays by some other guys to make it seem fair...)

On with voting!! Tell us which is your play of year.

October winner: Jamie Benn & Steve Ott SHG vs Buffalo Sabres 10/30/10 November winner: Jamie Benn SHG vs St Louis Blues 11/26/10 December winner: Jamie Benn scores (another) shorthanded vs Montreal Canadiens 12/21/10 January winner: Jamie Benn undresses another D-man vs Minnesota Wild 1/9/11 February winner: Kari Lehtonen steals it from the net to keep CHI from going up 4-0 vs Chicago Blackhawks 2/11/11 March winner: Jamie Benn scores with 4.8 seconds left to win it vs Phoenix Coyotes 3/1/11 April winner: Alex Goligoski with the cannon vs Minnesota Wild 4/10/11