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Dallas Stars Sale: All Quiet As "30 Day Exclusivity Period" Nears End

Thirty-seven days. NHL Free Agency 2011 starts in thirty-seven days, and the sale of the Dallas Stars trundles along quietly in the background with nary a peep from the lenders, the league, team officials or Mr. Gaglardi. These quiet, seemingly organized proceedings are a welcome contrast to the hot messes in Phoenix and Atlanta but time is of the essence if the club is to really and truly improve for next season.

This was supposed to be a big week. Those capable of doing a little simple math know that the "exclusivity" period granted to Mr. Gaglardi and his ownership group was supposedly granted very nearly 30 days ago, if not more, and that any time now we should start to get a trickle of news; good or otherwise.

Yet it's late Wednesday afternoon now and the only word is a blurb from the Dallas Morning News about how there is no word. updates at this time as Tom Gaglardi's people continue to try to complete the mounds of paperwork necessary to get a signed purchase agreement [...] I have been told that the 30-day exclusive negotiating window can be extended. [Mike Heika]

The 30 day window can be extended. That wouldn't sound so bad to Stars fans if not for the other necessary steps that we've been led to believe at this point MUST come after it.

A report from the DMN earlier this month indicated that after the purchase agreement had been signed, as part of the bankruptcy court proceedings, other potential competing ownership groups that may or may not exist would be granted AT LEAST thirty days to come up with a competing bid by the judge.

Figuring that additional 30 days into the 37...graphing calculator out...carry the one...That leaves only seven days total in which to complete all of the bankruptcy court proceedings and get this initial purchase agreement signed. There's no wiggle room there.

We hate to go from "good things are happening" to "come on, already!" because I think we're all grateful the sale of the team is moving forward in what appears to be an organized fashion and that it should provide stability for years and years to come, but.... well, "come on, already."

June is near. News will come. Will it be the kind we want to hear? Will the Stars be active on July 1st, or at least able? (I'm not necessarily advocating throwing around stupid money like the Rangers do every July) ...or digging around in the scrap heap the Monday after 4th of July weekend? We should know something soon, either way.