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Stargazing: Stars Prospect Fraser Scores Two At Memorial Cup

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Last night Stars fans clashed on Twitter as the Sharks went down to the Vancouver Canucks. Some were thrilled, and some were horrified. The disdain for both of those team is strong but as a group we are evidently split on who is the lesser of the two evils. A vote taken here at DBD before the series began revealed 67% of Stars fans would rather see San Jose defeated than Vancouver. After a series of it, does everyone still feel the same way?

One thing we can all agree on (at least I hope) is rooting for whoever comes out of the East.

In the mean time there's some good talk out there about defensive free agents, the Sharks demise, more division alignment, and a note from a financial publication says the Stars is in an "advanced stage" of out-of-court auction process...


  • The retirement of Brian Rafalski (and maybe Lidstrom) is going to push the Detroit Red Wings into the free agent market and be a much more attractive place for d-men on July 1st than Dallas, unfortunately. MLive looks at a number of defensive free agents they might target; Names we all hope the Stars might target as well. []
  • Dallas Stars prospect and left wing Matt Fraser scored two big goals for his club yesterday in the Memorial Cup. We do love our left wings around here... [DMN]
  • The hot topic in NHL AND NBA playoff games this year: Diving. Down Goes Brown has a humorous take on how to tell when an opponent is faking. [DGB]
  • Get your San Jose Shark Conference Champion T-shirts #lol [Puck Daddy]
  • The Sharks did what they do last night. How long do they go on being this good but not quite good enough? It's a lot like being a Dallas Mavericks fan. You know you're going to have a good season and a playoff round or three...but is it enough? []
  • Mark Stepneski updates you on prospect Patrik Nemeth [ESPN Dallas]
  • The Wall Street Journal creates more geographically accurate divisions and they too agree the Stars should be in the Central. [WSJ]
  • Financial times has a small blurb about the Dallas Stars sale in a report about the Mets...

As recent history suggests, projecting the recovery for creditors in sports restructurings is difficult to project. In the bankruptcy of Texas Rangers ownership Hicks Sports Group last year, first lien lenders were pushed to a lower recovery priority since the estate needed to first use team sale proceeds to pay off operating expense claimants in order to keep the franchise intact.

Conversely, first lien lenders to the Hicks-owned Dallas Stars hockey team are first in line to receive the proceeds from that team's sale once a super-priority loan from JP Morgan is paid off. The franchise is in the advanced stages of its out-of-court auction process, said a source familiar with the situation. []