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Nicklas Grossman Injured at IIHF World Championships

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American sports fans don't often share the rest of the worlds views on international competitions, for whatever reason. (Perhaps we're spoiled by four of the best leagues on the planet right here and they carry our allegiances). So when athletes from those leagues go to represent their countries the concern is always injuries and the Stars have seen that concern come to fruition with both Tom Wandell and Nick Grossman at the IIHF 2011 World Championships.

As most of you have no doubt seen by now, ESPN Dallas reported that Nick Grossman injured a knee in a collision with a fellow Swede and left the game.

Neither injury is thought to be serious enough to carry over to their Dallas duties, but both are of a little concern because they're injuries they've both had before.

In the case of Grossman, if you check out the video, it's a little choppy but it looks like his left knee that takes the brunt of it, though by the end he leaves the ice under his own power.

I went back tonight and watched video of Grossman's previous knee injury (Flyers, 3/19) that resulted in a sprained MCL and this could be the same knee in both instances.

On March 19th at 4:20 of the first period Nicklas Grossman collided with Richards of the Flyers in the corner on a penalty kill. It was a pretty harmless looking play and the scorekeepers the NHL had in the building generously called it a Nick Grossman hit. It appeared to be his left knee then as well, but as many reports were written about it in March and April, I can't find any confirmation on it.

If true, that's a lot of trauma for that left knee in the past seven weeks, so we wish mister Grossman a very boring and mundane (SAFE! and restful) summer the rest of the way, because we all saw what he meant to this team through his extended absence to finish the season. He and Alex Goligoski were only able to play together five times last season, leaving us with a cloudy vision of what the defense might look like for an extended period of time when healthy.

Meanwhile Loui Eriksson is doing what he does. He has two goals and an assist in two games with Sweden so far. Jack Campbell is with Team USA but is the third goaltender on the depth chart. USA is 2-0 in the tournament so far.

P.S. My favorite part about the collision video is the commercial that precedes it.