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Dallas Stars 2010-11 Player Grades: Mark Fistric

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Once again it's that time of year here on Defending Big D where we take a look at each player that suited up for 25 or more games this season (and are still with the team) and take a look back at their season. What was good about it, what wasn't so good, and the lasting impression they left us as we go into summer.

Mark Fistric

#28 / Defenseman / Dallas Stars



Jun 01, 1986

G A P +/- PIM
2010 - Mark Fistric 2 3 5 -10 44

Key Stat: 13 - Number of games Fistric was a healthy scratch.

The Good: Fistric was 4th on the team in hits with 173, behind Otter, Morrow and Robi. The difference? Those three played a full season (82 for Otter and Morrow and 81 for Robi.) Fistric played in 57 games. I wonder if he would have lead the team in hits had he played a full season? That ability to throw his body around also led the D-corps and is something many fans really enjoyed seeing against tough, physical teams like the Sharks.

The Bad: Fistric's +/- is tied for the worst on the team, finishing most games in the negative more often than not. Fistric has also not really found a true D partner, getting a lot of different looks on pairings, which could lead to his being the odd man out when everyone is healthy. Was his being a healthy scratch based on his poor defensive play (as evidenced by the +/-) or was it that Crawford preferred Woywitka instead (which is what it felt like most nights when we Stars fans were scratching our heads at the scratches)? Hopefully that can be revealed next season under a different coach.

The Bottom Line: Fistric's physical presence and his ability to steamroll some of the more physical opponents are welcome additions to a D corps that is comprised of many an undersized D-man. A consistent pairing partner as well as consistent ice team should turn him into a good shut down D. A Grossman-Fistric pairing could be a very nice duo for the Stars to roll out against tough lines on opposing teams.

The Vote: Rate Fistric below on a scale of A to F (A being the best of course) based on his performance relative to his potential and your expectations for the season.