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Is Dallas Stars' Karlis Skrastins Considering Move to KHL?

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Is Dallas Stars defenseman Karlis Skrastins considering a move to the KHL in Russia for the Lokomotiv Yaroslavl?  The answer might be a resounding no, but there seems to be enough foreign language smoke on the internet to indicate that a fire might be burning...somewhere, or at least someone in Europe has started a rumor about it.

Hockey is a funny sport sometimes in that we rely on Google translations and hearsay when news comes out of foreign countries and this may or may not be one of those times. If your Russian or Latvian is proficient maybe you can help us out. (seriously...)

You can visit this web site (doing so with Google Chrome will translate if for you):

And you may see something like this wonderful google translation...

Latvian hockey player Karlis Skrastins career would continue KHL club in Yaroslavl "Lokomotiv", referring to the "RIA Novosti", says "".

Skrastins spent last season's NHL team Dallas 'Stars', 74 games gaining three goals and five assists returning.

36-year-old defender contract with the 'Stars' club will end the first July, thus "Lokomotiv" a formal agreement with Skrastins before that date can not conclude.

Or here: and see this:

Latvian hockey defenseman Karlis Skrastins career would continue to Continental Hockey League (KHL) club Yaroslavl Lokomotiv, reports news agency "RIA Novosti".

Skrastins last season represented the National Hockey League (NHL) club Dallas Stars'. After the season ended his contract with the entity, which he has not offered a new contract. Similarly, interest on the 36-year-old guard services, not from other NHL teams.

Another of last season suffix was some speculation that Skrastins, where the NHL will not get the contract, will go to the "Dinamo". So far, though a more realistic version of Yaroslavl. "Lokomotiv" club are currently pursuing discussions with both the same "Karl and his agent.

Further research on Twitter indicates this was news in Europe on Tuesday, the 10th. Multiple sources.

At any rate that's his picture and name on those sites, so something could be brewing there. Does this mean that Skrastins has already been told that his services will not be in demand here next year? Or is his agent just doing due diligence in exploring all of his options? Would he prefer to end his NHL career and return to Europe just as a lifestyle choice? We'll find out come July, evidently...Errr... I think.