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Vote: Who Are Stars Fans Rooting For in Conference Finals?

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The NHL Conference Final matchups are set in both the East and West now with San Jose's very slim escape from what it is probably a better Detroit team when fully healthy, which they most certainly were not. Now Stars fans watch in disgust as two perennial bridesmaids in the Sharks and Canucks meet to do battle, both having blown 3-0 leads in these playoffs only to to redeem themselves at the very last possible second.

Meanwhile in the East...The Lightning and the Bruins? Did anyone have that one in September?

All DBD writers seem to be busy at work and whatnot this morning so we'll leave you with a poll on the Conference Finals and hopfefully a discussion of what the lesser of these evils is. For this blogger, it's the Canucks. Though I hate myself for the very thought.

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